All You Need to Know How to Make a Featherboard

Working on cutting and mending tools certainly requires proper safety standards and any degree of callousness on that front might prove to be a nightmare for a carpenter. There are different sets of arms and machines required for these purposes. These include axes, hammers, saws, workbenches, featherboards, jigs, nailset, drillbit, gate, fence panel, etc.

These different tools associated with woodworking are meant for specific purposes. Of these, a featherboard jig is quite an important tool for pressing and keeping the stock in the right position. It is basically a homemade woodworking device which is little more than a simple board and has some narrow strips cut out at one of the ends.

Here, we can surely conclude that featherboards are all about safety, efficiency and convenience. So it becomes quite important to know how to make a featherboard for router table and table saw.

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Common buying mistakes when purchasing router tables

There is some information which you could digest before making any purchasing decision. Hopefully, this information will make all of you better woodworkers and better purchasers. And the question what is the best router table to buy will be addressed properly

Stick to a brand

Lots of people come to the market just with a particular brand name set in their mind. Some don’t know what brands will be good and which aren’t very nice. Some just buy an only product made in the United States and some may just focus on price. I have bought or reviewed about every router table brand there is. And the ones I haven’t owned, I have them in the hands of mine at the woodworking show and also poured over a lot of details with other people. I write various reviews as well as work with the manufacturer in features and design. So I concluded most people stick with their brand.


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What do you know about the compound miter saw and the sliding miter saw?

In these days, the miter saw  has become more and more popular worldwide which has become the most favorite one because it can make a great contribution to enhancing the performance of works on the wood. Due to the importance of the miter saw, the producers have made a lot of types of miter saws to adopt the requirements of the users, including the compound and the sliding miter saw. For the reasons of the wide spreading production, the customers often get confused of which time they should decide to buy a miter saw.

The works of the compound miter saw and the sliding miter saw



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Comparison between the power miter saw and the compound miter saw

Because of being tired of working on the wood, the human has studied and given the birth of a wide range of the equipment that can cut the wood easily and help to save the energy. After countless improvements, the manufacturers have produced more and more types of the miter saw with the purpose of serving the human to work on the wood. The miter saw is one of the most useful equipment in this field. Furthermore, thanks to the help of this equipment, people can save a lot of time to do other tasks. Today, we will provide you the comparison between the compound miter saw and the power miter saw.



The stow and go router table

In this day and time, when the technology has developed, the inventors have given the birth of a huge number of the product that has the ability to reduce the effort of the human resource to create the perfect items. We can take the table as the great illustration. Some people think that just the companies can make the tables; however, this viewpoint is not really true because you can make your own tables with the help of some equipment. Today, we will guide you how to make stow and – go router table.

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Take the advantage of your weekend to build the saw blade storage cabinet

The saw blade is one of the most important equipment in our house. We will need these tools to complete various tasks if we do not want to spend a great deal of money for hiring other people to fix it. Furthermore, in some situations, we also take the use of the saw blade to create our own product with the unique styles. Although the saw blade is very beneficial for us in the daily life, it also can put us in the danger. It can cut our hands or any parts of our body, especially the children. Therefore, we will need to design a cabinet to store it.

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Comparison between the router tables and the shapers

In this day and time, the router and the shaper have gained the popularity in all over the world which has become the most favorite products in the market. Due to their popularity, many people wonder why the woodworker usually has a tendency to make a choice of the router table instead of the shaper. Today, we will provide you the comparison between the shaper and the router tables in more details to help you have a deeper understanding about these products.

The differences

Although the function of these products is similar, there remain a huge number of the differences. One of the most significant differences is the way of using and the kind of the cutter. The router tables tend to take the use of the router bits which include the shank connected to the cutter.

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