Common buying mistakes when purchasing router tables

Common buying mistakes when purchasing router tables

There is some information which you could digest before making any purchasing decision. Hopefully, this information will make all of you better woodworkers and better purchasers. And the question what is the best router table to buy will be addressed properly

Stick to a brand

Lots of people come to the market just with a particular brand name set in their mind. Some don’t know what brands will be good and which aren’t very nice. Some just buy an only product made in the United States and some may just focus on price. I have bought or reviewed about every router table brand there is. And the ones I haven’t owned, I have them in the hands of mine at the woodworking show and also poured over a lot of details with other people. I write various reviews as well as work with the manufacturer in features and design. So I concluded most people stick with their brand.


Common buying mistakes when purchasing router tables

I name this Hyundai principle. As Hyundai first began producing cars, they aimed the low-cost market and thus made a few decent sales. Once being in that marketplace for a certain period of time, they then switched their measure and began to focus on quality. It was recorded by Toyota executives who Hyundai is definitely the company which Toyota is really worried about competing. Since they began to target the market in a way and get on to develop the quality after coming into the market.

But some users find difficulty in getting over the obsession with newer brands that their friends or they themselves link with as inferior brands. So rather than taking a chance, they choose to stick to something they heard of. But the best choice is seeking for the brand that suits you best. The feature of brands is what you need to focus on rather than the model and make. The newer brand is being increasingly innovative than the established brand. Overlooking brands because you haven’t heard of will steal your chance to save your money and enjoy new features.

Matching and Mixing

We often began with a wood piece that we decided to bolt our routers to and we started making lots of sawdust. Essential features will be a nice fence, a nice flat insert as well as a decent work surface of the table top.


Matching and Mixing

All of the brands that are mentioned above deliver these. So what you should focus is how to balance between brand name and features and price. Because brands are established do not make them the best, the best brand sometimes has problems or even get damaged as shipping.  The newer brand sometimes over delivers at features and price so as to have an advantage over established manufacturers. My advice will be to buy the brand which works best for you.  As I say just this, I mean you need to put all the info that you have read on the internet together, you would find out which brand to buy.  Knowing the fact is important and then you need to incorporate them into your purchasing decision.

Many manufacturers are just proprietary, so do not think you could mix as well as match.  The truth is all of the inserts of the router table are in different sizes. The sizes of tables are all nearly the same yet the lift and inserts sizes are slightly various. This is the reason why you stick to one brand as you purchase it.

To change your favorite brand mean you have to lose some money you have spent on your original table so most woodworkers don’t go for that choice. Manufacturers do that on purpose in order for you to be just “all in” with its brand.


You need to pay attention to these mistakes before making any buying decision.


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