Comparison between the router tables and the shapers

Comparison between the router tables and the shapers

In this day and time, the router and the shaper have gained the popularity in all over the world which has become the most favorite products in the market. Due to their popularity, many people wonder why the woodworker usually has a tendency to make a choice of the router table instead of the shaper. Today, we will provide you the comparison between the shaper and the router tables in more details to help you have a deeper understanding about these products.

The differences

Although the function of these products is similar, there remain a huge number of the differences. One of the most significant differences is the way of using and the kind of the cutter. The router tables tend to take the use of the router bits which include the shank connected to the cutter.



Furthermore, the router is mounted under this table.

On the other hand, the shaper usually consist of the spindle which just contains the cutter heads to slides the spindle. The sizes of the spindle arrange from 1 to 4 diameters. It is frank to say that the duty of this type is heavier than that of the router. Moreover, the shaper takes the use of the motor with the belt drive to create the spindle and send more torques.

The condition

Due to the different features, people need to identify when they should take the advantage of the shaper and the router table. In fact, the shapers are suitable for the works with the high volumes or the heavy duty, such as making the door. Some heavy works have the ability to remain the longevity of the cutter and enable to improve the cutting action. If you opt for the shaper, you can save a lot of time. The reverse is true of the router bits. It can fit the light work. Therefore, if you do not demand on working the big objects, you can choose the router bits.

The price of both the shaper cutter and the router bits

Because of the different using purpose, the price of this equipment also has several differences. Generally speaking, investing on either shaper or the router is a smart idea because you can give the birth of countless items and save a large amount of money for purchasing them. The shaper is for the big works; its price is much more expensive than that of the router one that not all people can have enough money to make a payment for it. The router is cheaper and you can find out it in all stores in the world.



the shaper cutter

Before making a decision of purchasing the shaper one, you had better identify the size of the shaper that can adapt your needs. The size of the shaper is various to meet the requirements of the users. If it is your hobby, the small shaper with the size of about 3 to 4 spindles is enough. In addition, if you intend to start your work on the production the cabinet shops, the 3 head shaper is the perfect selection for you.

In conclusion, with this sharing, we do hope that you can enlarge your knowledge about the router and the shaper. Wish that you will get the best one with the high quality and the reasonable price. Hopefully, this information is useful and helpful for you. You can read the review of people who have already experienced for more useful advice. Furthermore, you also can read the reviews of other people to know about its strength and weakness.

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