Take the advantage of your weekend to build the saw blade storage cabinet

Take the advantage of your weekend to build the saw blade storage cabinet

The saw blade is one of the most important equipment in our house. We will need these tools to complete various tasks if we do not want to spend a great deal of money for hiring other people to fix it. Furthermore, in some situations, we also take the use of the saw blade to create our own product with the unique styles. Although the saw blade is very beneficial for us in the daily life, it also can put us in the danger. It can cut our hands or any parts of our body, especially the children. Therefore, we will need to design a cabinet to store it.



Some people believe that it is unnecessary for them to make this complicated equipment, but if we do not make it, the saw blade can hurt anyone. Furthermore, the making process of the storage cabinet is very simple that all people can follow. Before deciding to do this equipment, you will need to think about the location that you will place this storage cabinet. The location can have the significant effects on the dimension of the cabinet.

In the first step, you have to glaze the cabinet by taking the advantage of the Baltic birch plywood. This material has gained the popularity in all over the world and has become the most favorite one because of the flat feature. Furthermore, this material is also both stable and void free. In comparison with the plies, the plywood is stronger and thinner.

After cutting the plywood to the proper size, you will match the sides, the bottom, and the top. After this step, you have to cut across the pieces which are the final length by taking the use of the miter gauge.


In the second step, you have to make a decision of the dimension. You should remember that if you cut the material, there is no adjustment for this. You should make for sure the distance among the dadoes’ bottom. Some people may have a deep passion on the lapped miter joint which can provide you the glue surface. If you think this step is too difficult for you to complete, you can make a choice of the other joints, including the butt joints, the pocket holes, the dado, the rabbits and the tongue, depending on your preference.


In the sides of the cabinet, you have to cut a series of the dadoes. The lower and the upper dadoes will support the dividers and the plywood shelves. The other dadoes will keep the sliding trays. After finishing lying out, we will install the rip fence which is located in the table saw. This part will be responsible for the stop.


You should not forget to cut the dadoes on each side of the cabinet before making the adjustment for the next step. The miter gauge can be the best equipment to complete this phase. Measuring the rail and adjust the rip fences also are the important stages that you need to finish in this step.

In conclusion, to create the saw blade storage cabinet is not difficult, you need to be patient and hard working. Apart from these above steps, you also need rabbit back edges, lap the miter joints, make the shelves, drawer runners and stop, storage tray, and sanding. Wish that this sharing can help you have a deeper understanding about this storage. We do hope that you can apply these steps to make your own storage cabinet successfully.

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