The stow and go router table

The stow and go router table

In this day and time, when the technology has developed, the inventors have given the birth of a huge number of the product that has the ability to reduce the effort of the human resource to create the perfect items. We can take the table as the great illustration. Some people think that just the companies can make the tables; however, this viewpoint is not really true because you can make your own tables with the help of some equipment. Today, we will guide you how to make stow and – go router table.


The features

This type of the table still is a strange concept for almost all people in all over the world. It is frank to say that this kind of the table is portable that you can find out in the shops. The materials of this table include the solid wood lumber, the plywood, the handful hardware, the routers and the router mounting plate. These materials make a great contribution to creating the table adjustments.

People take the advantage of these materials to make the stow-and-go router tables which enable to be built in the dust collection with the large table top, and it is very easy to be broken down. And you also can store out of its sight immediately.

Some people believe that to make this table, they have to spend a great deal of money; however, in fact, they just need to spend less than $100. According to people who have already experienced, this table does not ask for many materials as the normal one. You just need to pay around $60 for the woodpecker plate and three rings.


To have a perfect table, you need to follow these steps as follow:

Firstly, you need to cut the parts from the sheet of the plywood. You will start this wonderful task with the 24 in the depth and 48 in the width piece of the plywood which is used for the top of the table. In addition, you also need to draw the centerlines from the front to the back.

Secondly, you will assemble the fence and drill a pivot hole. After cutting, you will measure the dimension of the band saw, the fastener, the jigsaw and the whole saws. You should attach the base of the fence to the main fence with the screws and the glue. You had better make for sure that the base and the face is the angle of 90 degrees.

Thirdly, the role of the legs is to support the parts of the table. Some people think that the leg is not very necessary and we can ignore it, but this part also play an integral part in making the table. Although it is not the main part, it can support the other system. The table top’s back edge is quite heavy, so it will need the help of the legs. In addition, the legs of the tables should be adjustable. This design has gained the popularity in recent years because it not only can perform well on the uneven floors but also provide the sturdy footprint.


In conclusion, we do hope that this sharing can help you enlarge your knowledge as well as have more information about the stow-and-go router table. Wish that you can make the table successfully, based on these steps. Hopefully, in the near future, you will be good at this skill. To start using this table, you should add the router to an insert and set the fence to ensure the tight knobs and clamps.

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