Get The Best Router For Woodworking: Triton Router Review

Get The Best Router For Woodworking: Triton Router Review

You’ll find a router in every possible workshop out there, be it a beginner’s or a professional’s workshop. Routers are really an amazing tool when it comes to woodworking, they offer you a lot of benefits and you can broaden your abilities when it comes to future projects.

Which router is the best one though? Although we can’t say that it is the most popular brand, we can say that some of the models by Triton show respectable abilities which can’t be found even in the more expensive and popular brands. To know more, read the Triton router review here.

What is it exactly and how does it help me?

So you ask yourself what can you even do with a Triton router as a woodworker, well we should answer exactly that question before we review one of their best models. In the next section, we will explain how can a woodworker benefit from a router as well as how one works.

What are the benefits of using it?

Having most of the tools that a woodworker should have isn’t necessary since some of them tend to be expensive and you only want the best, but there are some tools that you really need if you want to progress as a woodworker. A woodworking router is truly a piece of equipment that gets used by both professionals and beginners and can be used in a ton of ways.

The number of benefits of owning a router is that you can use it to cut wood in a stable and safe way. That is for when you have a portable router which is carried constantly, but its effects are even greater when you are using a router table. With the help of a routing table, you can make the cutting process even more stable.

But what can you exactly do with a router from Triton? Here is a list of just a few things you could achieve in your future projects:​

  • Create various joints
  • Smoothen out edges
  • Create new types of designs
  • Hollow out groves

How does it work and how do you use it?

Every router model will work in the same way, but sometimes the way they work is limited to the brand type. Generally, all woodworking routers will work in the same way. In the below section, we will show you some of the basic steps.

  • Make sure that your router is turned off and that it is unplugged. You can then get the bit you got with the package and insert it into the router’s collet once you rest it against your workbench.
  • Now that you inserted the bit into the collet, you will need to tighten up the collet nut so that the bit stays secured. Just use the two wrenches you get with your router package and set everything in place.
  • Now so that you can even make sure that you can cut, you need to adjust the bit depth. You can do this by placing the router on a flat server and unlocking the lever. Push the router until the bit reaches the surface and then lock the mechanism.
  • The next thing you should do is adjust the cut depth. Adjust it up to the level you want and loosen the lock lever after you finish, you can now lift the router up.
  • Insert the router in a power source and turn it on, wait for it to reach the full speed first though. Once it does, press down with the two handles in order to make the bit come into contact with the surface, at this point you can move it across the wood you’re cutting.

Triton router review

For a brand that seems to only be popular in Australia, it really holds off when compared to models of different popular brands. Our impression about the TRA001 was that it is heavy but well-built and filled with features. The most important one is the rack and pinion height adjustment plunge dial.

Another notable feature about this Triton TRA001 router is that it has a spindle lock at full plunge for a single wrench collet removal. It was also interesting that it could use collets of both ½ inches and 12mm sizes. It also features variable speeds with a soft start and safety switch. These three features are especially important for beginners.

The motor was also quite powerful, with 2400W and 3-1/4 Horsepower, it can bring you speeds from 8000 to 21.000 RPM. All in all, for the money it is a great product.


There isn’t a lack of features when it comes to the TRA001 router from Triton. Here are some of the most important features of this model.

Soft motor start

A soft motor start will not only ensure that your router lasts longer, it will also reduce torque upon startup which makes it easier to handle compared to other models. Definitely one of the better features for a beginner.

Variable speeds

Being able to change the speed of your router is important. It allows you to interact with various kinds of wood without wasting electricity or ruining your bits faster. Depending on how hard the wood in your project is, you can adjust the RPM accordingly with the help of this beginner-friendly feature. RPM ranges from 8000 to 21.000.

Strong motor

Having a strong motor is one of the most important parts because it will ensure that you can have a wide range of speeds, which in the end determines with which wood you can deal with. The downside of this is that the motor will overheat, but if the cooling is done well then you won’t have problems. The motor of this model has 2400W and 3-1/4 HP.

Dual-function router

Being able to switch from a plunger based router to a fixed based router can be both expensive and tiring. With the help of this route, it doesn’t have to be, as it offers you both fixed-base modes and plunge modes.

Automatic spindle lock

If your project is a complicated one, then you will see yourself changing the size of your bits a lot. This can be both tiring and complicated, but that’s not the case with the TRA001. There is an automatic spindle lock that allows you to easily change the bit with just a single wrench.


  • The Triton TRA001 is budget friendly and brings value according to the price
  • It has a powerful motor with 3-1/4 HP and yet none complained about overheating
  • Bits are changed easily on this model, you only need to use a single wrench
  • Soft start allows the router to stay durable for a longer time


  • Some knobs may become loose over time because of the vibrations
  • The safety cover that prevents you from accidentally turning the switch on and off can get jammed on occasion
  • It might get complicated when it comes to adjusting the plunge height mechanism.

What comes in the box

The accessories in this model aren’t as rich in numbers as the features. There are only a few items available that come with the TRA001 and they are the following:

  • Handle winder plunge
  • Basic plunge
  • Both fixed-based and plunge sets
  • Micro adjuster


Having a high-quality router will ensure that the wood is cut in a precise and effective way. You will also allow yourself to progress more as a woodworker as you become able to do more projects. You can enjoy all the benefits of a woodworking router by having a good one and that can be achieved with Triton.

As you read in the Triton router review here, the Triton TRA001 is truly remarkable, for the price you will get numerous features and even beginners can use this model. The motor is fairly strong and we found no reports of overheating, the bits are easily changed as well. If you want one of the best routers available n the market, then go for the Triton.​

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